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~ Copyrights ~

Please note that anyone submitting an image to be used in digital matting or any other use here must either:

a) own the copyright to the image(s)
b) have explicit written consent for use by the copyright owner.

Either way, written confirmation of copyright ownership or explicit permission to use is required before any creative work begins.

It's been my experience as a photographer that people, in general, know nothing or very little about copyright laws. Many people assume that when they purchase an 8x10 they think they have the right to scan the print and reproduce the image in some form.

"Well, I bought it, it's mine!"

Yes, the printed photograph is yours, but that doesn't give you the right to reproduce it no more than purchasing a CD from a music artist and think you have the right to reproduce their music.

Unless, of course, you have an agreement with the photographer to use as you wish. In that case digital copies are usually provided up front and scanning isn't required.

(I shot (photographed) a series of tennis tournaments (tennis folk are the best) annually for a few years and heard enough stories about what people did with the photos they purchased I was led to make everyone sign and date an acknowledgment of copyright law regarding the use of purchased prints with their print order. The thing is they didn't mean to do any harm or break any laws, they simply didn't know, and the stories I heard were direct from parents who loved the photos so much they did something else with them. One mom turned an 8x10 into one of those giant wall clingy things. I was flattered by the stories and simply replied "the next time you need use of the images, just shoot me an e-mail".)


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